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H U N T   A L A S K A ' S   B E S T   W I T H   A L A S K A   M A S T E R   G U I D E   -   B R A D   D E N N I S O N

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Alaska Coastal Outfitters - Alaska Black Bear Hunting

If you have read a magazine article or watched a TV video about trophy black bear hunting in Alaska, chances are that the hunt was conducted in Southeast Alaska. The same habitat conditions that produce the large "Shiras" brown bears just to the north result in some of the largest black bears in North America on the islands of Kuiu, Kuprenof, and Prince of Wales. A few years ago, SCI established a new scoring category for these black bears of the northwest coast due to their size. A check of the record book for the Coastal Black Bear will show a large number of these trophy bears coming from the islands of southern Southeast Alaska.

These coastal black bears usually run 6.5 ft to 7.5 ft squared. We have no color phase bears, all are black in color.

We have been hunting this area for black bears since the mid-70's and guiding other hunters since the mid-80's. The spring hunts are conducted along the shorelines and grass flats in the spring and the salmon spawning streams in the fall. Accommodations and hunting techniques are the same as on our Alaska Brown Bear hunts. Please contact us to find out more about the quality black bear hunting opportunities in the area.